National Technical Association : Cleveland Chapter
President : Dr. Bilal Mark McDowell Bomani
Vice President : Charles Doxley
Secretary : Annette N. McDowell
University Laison : Tanetta Curenton
Treasurer : Henry Fain
Parliamentarian : Janice K. Gassaway

The National Technical Association, Inc. (NTA) was established in 1926.  Its purpose was to create a medium for expressing minority professional concerns for the lack of minority participation in the mainstream of architectural and engineering activity in America. Today this goal has not changed, but has expanded to include a major concern for the participation of minority youth in meeting the challenge of modern technology.  Also for youth who have dropped from the challenge, NTA encourages them to seek allied programs to suit their interest and needs.
...It's Time To BUILD the BODY...
National Technical Association : Cleveland Chapter was founded in 1974. Our Chapter members serve as professional BE-STEM mentors, advisors on historically underrepresented issues, and consultants on local councils throughout the region. They fulfill national goals by hosting activities throughout the year such as career awareness and developmental programs, BE-STEM exhibits, speakers bureau, site visitations, and cultural enrichment events.  NTA Cleveland brings historically underrepresented individuals to the attention of agencies, corporations, and institutions looking for strong, diverse talent.

NTA Cleveland Chapter Membership for 2019-2020 is $75

NTA Cleveland Activities/Events:

eXtreme Green Independent Research Project (5 years+)
Science Fair / Robotics Competitions (Twice a year - Spring and Fall)
Nsoroma Awards (August 8th)
NTA Cleveland BE-STEM Mentorship Program
BE-STEM Mission : To provide BE-STEM Mentoring to ANY person, regardless of age...

BE-STEM Goal : To positively enrich the lives of others through face-to-face interactions

for more information on NTA BE-STEM, contact Dr. Bilal M. M. Bomani (

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NTA Cleveland Chapter Membership for 2019-2020 is $75
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